Octave's Web Front-end

This site is just a proof of concept of the GNU Octave Control Systems Toolbox, called by a web front end, written in PHP. It was created by Filipi Vianna and is avaliable as free software under the terms of the GPL and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Source code download avaliable.

This system currently plots the step response which shows the transfer function response for a single step input, the bode plot, which plots the bode plot for a given transfer function, the root locus which shows the geometric root places and the nyquist diagram to show the stability for the system represented by the given transfer function.

A special developer interface was written to provides a octave/matlab shell like interface.

Still in experimental phase:

Transfer Function

G(S) = (Wn)^2 / ( S^2 + Zeta * Wn  * S + (Wn)^2 )

Enter the transfer function as shown above, using matlab/octave vector notation.

For example:

    NUMERATOR = 1 10 100
    DENUMERATOR = 1 101 100

And "Submit Query".

Numerator =
Denumerator =


The source code for these scripts are avaliable for download at:

Changes from version 0.1 to 0.2:

Older versions:

To run these scripts, you must to have a web server, such as Apache, a PHP interpreter, the GNU Octave and a dvipng renderer. All installed, properly configured and running.

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